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Ready to Skyrocket Your Short-Term Rental Revenue?

Our eBook is jam-packed with a wealth of practical tips, tools and first-hand insights to help property owners and hosts of all experience levels take their rental business to the next level, while also learning how to avoid the common mistakes that can cost you thousands! Enjoy the author's in-depth journey to purchasing his 1st short-term rental, and how it was used to generate over a half-million dollars of revenue in the first 12 months - and how you can do the same!


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Time to furnish your short-term rental?

Our comprehensive and carefully curated checklist takes the pain out of the process, and ensures you'll have every single item you need to skyrocket your revenue to the moon!

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STOP! Before you purchase a property, be sure to utilize this free tool to determine if the subject property will make for a sound short-term rental investment. Quickly and easily estimate how much revenue you might be able to generate in a matter of minutes!

About The Author

Sean Williams is a seasoned real estate broker that has been practicing residential and commercial real estate in Louisville, KY since 2008. He started his investment career in 2014 with the purchase of a small, single-family home for $40,000. With the help from business partners, Sean grew his investment portfolio of long-term rentals before he eventually stepped into the short-term rental mistake.

In January 2020, Sean and his business partners purchased a rundown, 12-unit apartment complex with the intent to renovate and rent it out to long-term tenants. After the impacts of COVID on construction, as well as increased material and labor costs, Sean and his team were forced to pivot their focus to a short-term rental strategy with no prior experience.

After nearly two years of construction, they opened the doors on their first short-term rental property. Sean took over the operations and management in order to learn the business before deciding to hire a property manager. Learning the business from ground zero allowed Sean to gain first-hand experience on the best practices and strategies to achieve jaw-dropping results, and over a half-million dollars in revenue. His hope is that by sharing his insights, you too will be able to skyrocket your revenue to levels you never thought possible.